Nothing matches email for rapidly disseminating information. But what if Alex needs an email that Sandy has, and Sandy is out sick, on vacation, or has left the firm? The common workaround is to copy all collaborators who might need that information at some future point. This jury-rigged fix creates new problems:

1. FYI emails flood inboxes, making it harder to pay attention to priority items.

Productivity gurus recommend clearing email boxes rapidly, but when everyone has to process a flood of maybe-one-day-relevant emails, productivity drops.

2. Searching for critical items takes longer and longer.

Searching for information needed to respond to queries is the rule, not the exception. But when items are scattered across individuals’ email files and file servers, the search can be painfully slow.

3. Ccing alone doesn’t create a bulletproof record.

Copying more people increases the odds that individuals will be able to find information to answer a question or resolve a dispute. But no one would copy everyone; that would be madness. And copying a few people leaves gaps in the email record.

two hardhats and a tablet

Newforma customers solve email issues by:

  • Easily filing emails directly from email applications to a common project record that the entire team can search
  • Relying on Newforma software to index all content – including attachments, PDFs, text on drawings, and zipped files – to make everything searchable
  • Leaving it to Newforma software to conserve storage space by automatically culling duplicates

It’s critical for architects and engineers to have an easy way to store emails in a central location to facilitate searches and reduce duplication. The result is that everyone can find critical items quickly, anytime, from anywhere.

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