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Construction Firms Adopt Newforma’s Project Information Management Solution to Improve Client Service and Mitigate Risk

[heading_3]Construction Firms Adopt Newforma’s Project Information Management Solution to Improve Client Service and Mitigate Risktion[/heading_3]Customers cite improved email and action item management among reasons for choosing Newforma Project Center software

Manchester, N.H.—16 March 2010Newforma®, a software company addressing the project information management (PIM) needs of architecture, engineering and construction firms, today announced that construction firms that recently purchasedNewforma® Project Center reported a desire to improve client service and avoid project execution delays. Two representative firms – Foushee and Associates andJuneau Construction – cited Newforma Project Center’s ability to log and assign action items, capture decision trails and make email visible to internal project teams as essential functions of Newforma’s PIM solution.

Foushee and Associates is a 90-person firm based in Seattle. President Eric Jonessaid his company has a history of adopting new technology to improve client service. “The test of any technology is, what’s in it for the client?” Jones said. “Construction projects generate massive amounts of email and other documents that we need to manage while the project is in progress, and that we give to owners at close-out. Newforma Project Center makes it easy to document the evolution of a job by capturing email decision threads and keeping record copies of milestone documents as they are modified over time. As a result, in addition to improving client service during the project, we have a definitive reference to give to the owner at handover.”

Atlanta-based Juneau Construction recently made Georgia Trend magazine’s “40 Fastest Growing Companies” list. Vice President Eric Kerley said the firm selected Newforma’s PIM solution to streamline a host of project information management functions. “All the things we were looking for, Newforma packaged together,” Kerley said. “For example, rather than file email with other project documents, most everyone here has kept their emails in their inboxes, which makes it very difficult to track this correspondence. Newforma software makes it easy to put all that information in the project files and search across all of them. And the action item logging tool will help us to identify, track and resolve issues before they become problems.”

Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell said, “The construction phase of a project generates massive volumes of email and other project information that’s shared among general contractors, construction managers, specialty subcontractors, equipment suppliers, product manufacturers, fabricators, architects, engineers and owners. Our solution not only benefits design and engineering firms but also construction firms that are concerned about spending less effort organizing, searching and sharing project information and more time on project execution. We are proud to see an increasing number of forward-thinking construction firms discover how Newforma Project Center can contribute to greater efficiency and their continued success.”

About Newforma

Newforma is a software company serving architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) organizations worldwide, and the owners they serve. Its mission is to develop and market project information management (PIM) solutions which improve responsiveness to clients, mitigate risk, streamline project execution, raise productivity and facilitate integrated project delivery (IPD). Newforma® Project Center, Newforma’s flagship product, is the industry’s first comprehensive PIM solution to organize and share project information, drive accountability, raise transparency and streamline project delivery processes. Newforma Project Center is currently implemented on over 300,000 projects in industry-leading AEC firms. For more information about Newforma, visit, or phone  +1 603-625-6212.

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