ConstructEx™ FAQs

Get immediate answers to a collection of the most frequently asked questions about Newforma ConstructEx™.

ConstructEx™ FAQs

Is there a mobile version? How can I connect from the field?

There are four apps available to enhance the ConstructEx™ user experience.

  1. The Capture App, available for iPhone and iPad, is used to capture quality control items.
  2. The Tasks App, for iPhone and iPad, allows you to manage your quality control items in the field.
  3. The Plans App, for the iPad, is used in the field to view and markup project plans and locate quality control items.
  4. The Project Teams App, for iOS or Android smartphones or tablets, is used to access contact information for your project team members.

Although not an optimized user experience, ConstructEx can be viewed using a browser on a smartphoneor tablet.

Is there a limit for storage, or fees if I go over a certain amount?

There are no limits to the storage or additional storage related fees.

What happens at the end of my project, how do I get my documents?

Newforma’s Support and Service Team can archive completed ConstructEx™ projects for customers. Archiving removes the project from the active projects list but maintains the project structure and data so users can reference it if needed. The archive is in an HTML format, and collection of project documents, that is navigated by using any browser (it is not necessary to be online). The navigation is like the online experience when the project was active. However, content can no longer be added.

Once ConstructEx™ is set up, can I control permissions?

Permissions can be defined for a variety of ConstructEx™ modules to limit access. These include:

  • Limit access to “Construction Phase Documents” by their type
  • Limit the roles permitted to issue “Field Reports”
  • Limit the roles permitted to access the “Message Forum”
  • Limit the view, upload and move/rename/delete functions to “Shared Folders”
  • For RFI’s and Submittals, reviewer comments and attachments can be hidden

Note: Permissions are defined by the named Administrators. Be aware that all administrators are created equally so if an existing administrator defines additional administrators, these new administrators will have full access to modify the solution for everyone on the project team.

What systems does ConstructEx™ Integrate with?

ConstructEx™ currently is not integrated with any other solutions. ConstructEx™’s is laser focused on managing RFI / Submittals and assuring the team has access to the most current project documents. With these goals in mind, ConstructEx™ has not been extended to other focuses via integrations.

How does training work? Is training included?

Courses are designed for everyone on your project team – from new users to global administrators. Your firm will see immediate results in productivity and increased organization of project information with ConstructEx™ after the very first training session.

A single project contract includes one (90 minute) Administrative Training session and one (90 minute) User Training session. A multi-project contract can include additional sessions, based on the total cost of the contract. Additional training is available for purchase.

Do Project Center and ConstructEx™ connect? We work with NPC customers, will ConstructEx™ communicate with their system?

They do not connect. Although there are overlaps between the products surface level functionality, they are fundamentally two different solutions oriented towards different user types (NPC – Design team; ConstructEx™ – Construction) and with different objectives.

Note: Some of the confusion resulted from a rebranding effort to make all Newforma solutions look similar.

What is the difference between Newforma Project Center and ConstructEx™?

Please download the complete PDF to better understand the difference between Newforma Project Center and ConstructEx™.

How is ConstructEx™ priced?

ConstructEx™ is priced as a small proportion of the overall project value on a project by project basis. Multiple project pricing is

available upon request.