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WRNS Studio

Streamlined Exchange of Project Information with Newforma Connectors

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WRNS Studio

Company Overview

WRNS Studio is an architecture studio based in San Francisco, with offices in Honolulu, Seattle, and New York. They specialize in numerous disciplines, but each is met with the philosophy of sustainable design, which is why today’s most transformative organizations choose WRNS Studio including high-profile tech firms and private developments. Yet, the firm’s commendable commitment to sustainable design is not without challenge. Today’s projects are complex, but projects that incorporate sustainable design have unique specifications that can generate a tremendous amount of work to ensure a flawless design. For the team at WRNS Studio, they were challenged with workflows and processes being siloed between the Design Team and Contractor. However, with the combined usage of the Newforma Workflow Connector for Bluebeam and Procore, WRNS Studio has dramatically reduced time spent on administrative CA tasks and improved collaboration efficiency with internal and external project teams.

Why Newforma Project Center

Simplified RFI/Submittal Process

“For some of our projects, we are not using Newforma, everything was happening in the General Contractor’s system (i.e., Procore, Prolog). The process to transfer this information was highly complex and time-consuming. One day is spent creating an import spreadsheet to Newforma, and then over a week spent downloading the files from Procore, renaming, and uploading individual RFIs and Submittals files in Newforma. With this Connector, we can eliminate time lost in data entry because the process is automatic, and our team do not have to use Prolog or Procore at all. We stay using Newforma only.”

Streamlined Collaboration Amongst Project Teams

“When using the Newforma Workflow Connector for Bluebeam, our design team easily collaborates in one file and they have the ability to view each other’s comments and provide edits or adjustments as needed. Additionally, the Contractors are happy about using one file in the field, as opposed to possibly opening two more separate files of the same submittal.”

Work in Your System of Preference

“With Newforma’s Workflow Connector for Procore, our design teams can begin a project without worrying about appeasing the General Contractor and using their system."

Retain Full Access to RFI and Submittal Data When a Project is Archived

“When you use the General Contractor’s system, they retain that information and our risk increases when you don’t have all the project information readily available. This Connector helps ease this concern and gives us greater peace of mind knowing that critical project information is automatically retained and easily available.”

“Life before the Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore was a nightmare. The goal was to remove ourselves and the design team from having to use Procore. This Connector is incredibly helpful; Contractors can use Procore and we can stay using Newforma and retain all our project record history.”
George Ruiz, Project Administrator