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Moseley Architects

Moseley Architects Simplifies Construction Administration with the Newforma Project Center Connector for Procore

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Moseley Architects

Company Overview

Moseley Architects provides professional architectural, engineering, and interior design services collaborating within a unified, multi-disciplinary studio setting. This approach results in integrated designs tailored to client needs and priorities. Moseley Architects employs 275 professionals across 8 office locations.


Over the past ten years, Patrick Covert, Director of Information Technology for Moseley Architects, described the technology landscape as “the wild, wild west”. There were a number of different construction administration solutions on the market, with contractors and owner teams each choosing their own solution. This required the Moseley Architect’s construction administration team to navigate this complex technology environment. Over the past several years, there has been some consolidation on the contractor side with Procore’s construction administration software, however, Moseley Architects’ team still struggled with duplicate data entry.

Why Newforma Project Center

Simplifying the Construction Administration Process

Moseley Architects saw an increase in contractor teams who were using Procore as their primary construction administration system. Moseley Architects utilizes Newforma Project Center as their primary project information management system and wanted to streamline the exchange of submittal and RFI information between the two systems. Moseley Architects also required their own documentation and records of the project which involved duplicate data entry. By implementing the Newforma Project Center Connector for Procore, an extra layer of complication was removed from the construction administration process. The firm’s team could continue to use their native tool, Project Center, for submittal and RFI processing while eliminating duplicate data entry from their construction administration workflow. The flow of submittal and RFI information between Procore and Project Center is now automated, eliminating manual data entry.

Decreasing the Learning Curve

In addition to reducing the amount of time spent on data entry, Moseley Architects also saved time by eliminating the need to train their new staff on the double-entry process. Team members no longer needed to learn both the Procore and the Project Center interface.

Reviewing More Content

By freeing up time spent uploading and downloading files between systems, the team was able to spend more time reviewing content. It also improved response times for the final review.

Impact to the Bottom Line

Moseley Architects currently has 28 projects using the Procore Connector, processing over 3000 submittals. Using the Newforma ROI Calculator for the Procore Connector, this equates to a savings of 600 hours and $30,000 for the firm.

“Any tool that simplifies the complicated technology landscape in the construction industry is a win. Simplifying our construction administration processes improves our overall project delivery.”
Patrick Covert, Director of Information Technology, Moseley Architects