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Optimised project delivery with Revit - Newforma workflows

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Company Overview

Architectural practice Jestico + Whiles and their diverse team of over 100 employees based in London and Prague have won more than 150 national and international awards for outstanding designs. Their work spans across interior design and education to urban regeneration and historic buildings. Preserving, but simultaneously revitalising existing infrastructure with new features is the same principles the practice applied to optimising their existing project delivery processes with new, powerful technology by Newforma.

Why Newforma Project Center

A well-organised folder structure that lacked functionality

Sham Summan, BIM Manager at Jestico + Whiles, describes the practice as always very well organised, with a structured data management approach for all projects. However, in order to improve the way staff members, search and share information, Summan and his team started looking into information management solutions that offered better deep search and improved file sharing functionality. It was paramount that any new system would adapt to their existing digital infrastructure and protect well-established workflows. To their surprise the number of options available was limited. “Newforma Project Center was the only software solution that ticked all boxes. It could sit on top of our existing infrastructure while offering exactly what we needed. Implementing it was therefore the only logical step.”, Summan concludes. After the first phase of successful implementations, Newforma’s customer success team pointed out that parallel to simplifying data discovery and file sharing processes, Project Center could also help optimise the practice’s project delivery workflows.

Streamlining project delivery from Autodesk Revit via Newforma to CDE

Using Newforma Project Center and its Autodesk Revit integration Jestico+Whiles is able to securely issue drawing sheets directly from the BIM Model to a designated common data environment, all while undergoing a thorough document control process, using a manifest file workflow. This allows for a faster, more streamlined and more secure process and offers uninterrupted audit trail throughout the whole design process on top.

Less time wasted – more risks avoided

The implementation of Project Center at Jestico + Whiles resulted in greatly simplified and straight-forward information management processes, tailored the specific needs of the company and its staff members. With everyone making use of more workflows, project risks were successfully mitigated, and time saved at every step of the document lifecycle.

“The use of Newforma Project Center has optimised our entire issuing process from Autodesk Revit to final delivery.”
Sham Summan, Associate