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The Single Source of Truth

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Company Overview

Founded in 1970 by Michael Horgan & Donal Lynch, HorganLynch embodies more then 50 years of specialist knowledge and experience in Engineering Consultancy for Civil, Structural Design and Project Management.

HorganLynch has carried out significant work in the fields of civil and structural engineering for both the state and private sectors. To date, in excess of €3 billion of development work has been constructed, covering a wide variety of projects including Education, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Sport and Recreation, Civil & Municipal, Cultural, Residential, Commercial among many other sectors.

Why Newforma Project Center

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism in tackling projects, HorganLynch is constantly striving for innovation within their practice, which implicated a change in their project management procedures. While comparing different solutions on the market as well as products and services used by competitors, Karel Murphy, Director at HorganLynch, felt that Newforma Project Center would be the best fit for their needs.

Mainly focussing on email management at first, the team at HorganLynch quickly adapted to using Newforma software and the functionality of Newforma Project Center exceeded their expectations. With NPC HorganLynch are able to manage their email traffic and building information, simplify processes and procedures as well as automate document issuing.

Newforma Project Center simplifies the way you manage your project data

The one-stop platform for everything project related

With the decision to implement Newforma Project Center into their workflow and train employees to use it properly, Karel Murphy actively decided against hiring a document controller: ‘It would have been more difficult to employ a document controller than teaching our team how to work with Newforma. The processes are streamlined, issuing of documents and naming conventions are automated, relevant project information is easily accessible and visible at all times, all data is tracked. I could never train a document controller to understand the projects like the draftsmen do, to understand the clients and the whole process of the project. So from that point of view, I think it is a better spent.’
Newforma complemented existing systems and started to replace the intranet, being the one-stop platform for everything project related.
‘Especially with ISO procedures and audits, Newforma Project Center makes life for us much easier as everything is automatically filed within the right project and human errors are reduced to a minimum. Approvals through our engineers are now streamlined and recorded, which is reassuring for releasing documents safely. Additionally, the search function allows us to find any needed information much faster than with Microsoft Explorer.’ says Karel Murphy.

Mobile solutions to connect project teams

Recent activity within projects can be traced quickly as all project data is automatically tracked and filed. With customizable process setups and project specifications, HorganLynch benefits from the individual approach and flexibility that Newforma Project Center offers to their practice.
With the constant support from the Newforma team, HorganLynch has advanced quickly with NPC and is currently implementing Field Notes, one of the mobile solutions within NPC, which offers on-site quality management and control. Information like annotations, photos and drawing updates from the build are automatically added to the project information connecting the project teams at offices and building sites.

Newforma Field Notes connects project teams on site and in the office
‘With Newforma, the time I'm giving back to the team in their day is significant, but what's more important is that they're doing more productive work as opposed to more mundane activities.’
Karel Murphy
Director at HorganLynch
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