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HBG Design

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HBG Design


Wind Creek Casino and Hotel

Company Overview

HBG Design is a Top 10 nationally recognized hospitality and entertainment architecture and interior design firm. The firm’s projects span across the globe and have been awarded more than 200 design and industry awards, including ranked #3 in hospitality and entertainment design. Before using Newforma Project Center, HBG struggled with standardization and inconsistent file naming. Project Center enabled greater standardization, so that the project team could be as accurate as possible with revision numbers.

Why Newforma Project Center

Manage Submittals and RFIs

“We needed standardization and a more accurate, automated method for PDF file naming. Newforma Project Center was able to solve our revision number tracking, give us an efficient and accurate way to record our punch list items, and help us find an interactive way to report issues and collaborate with team members.”

Work Productively in the Field

“The Newforma mobile apps were a huge time saver. We created custom drop-down lists of typical items so that we wouldn’t have to write the same thing over and over. It made the whole punch list recording effort easier for everybody involved. Now, we’re all working together on our own devices and doing it all more efficiently.”

Find What You Need, When You Need It

“Revit contains all your room data based on how you design it. The [Newforma +Autodesk Revit] Connector allows you to pull the information, and it automatically populates in the Newforma database. The spatial indexes generated straight from the model save hours and hours of my time.”

" We had issues, that even if the revision number had been listed correctly, our file naming was inconsistent between our consultants and even within our own firm. This came to a head when our clients were getting frustrated."
Jason Fox, Contract Administration, HBG Design.