Case Study

Gresham Smith

Gresham Smith Improves Workflow Efficiencies with the Newforma BIM 360 Connector

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Gresham Smith

Company Overview

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Gresham Smith specializes in solutions for life’s most essential infrastructure and institutions. Gresham Smith has expertise in a number of areas including aviation, healthcare, civic/public spaces, industrial/manufacturing, and mixed use/residential.


Gresham Smith Project teams were navigating between two different systems: Newforma Project Center and Autodesk BIM 360. As a result of not having a unified directory structure, there was a disconnect with the project data. Gresham Smith uses Project Center as their primary platform to capture the complete project record. Their workflow required design teams to manipulate files in BIM 360, copy to Project Center, and then share through Newforma Info Exchange. Publishing Revit models is time consuming and when this tedious process of copying and downloading files is multiplied across the project life cycle and numerous projects, user productivity is significantly impacted.

Why Newforma Project Center

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Newforma’s BIM 360 Connector increased project efficiency by streamlining the process of moving information between systems and project team members. The amount of time spent with extra steps to download information decreased with the implementation of the Connector. Gresham Smith was able to reduce the amount of time spent manipulating files which improved workflow efficiencies and increased productivity.

Ease of Collaboration

Large projects require a significant amount of collaboration. The Newforma BIM 360 Connector made it easier for Gresham Smith to share files with external team members. Once the BIM 360 files were accessible directly from Project Center, they could be easily shared with external team members who did not have access to BIM 360.

Permanent Record of Project Protects from Risk

Gresham Smith utilizes Project Center to capture the entire project record. By unifying all project information, including BIM 360 files, Newforma’s search capabilities can be used to quickly locate and access information at any time. The team at Gresham Smith can now easily access the entire project record to accurately answer any questions and reduce project risk.

Gresham Smith has successfully implemented the Newforma Connector for BIM 360 on select projects and is in the beginning stages of rolling it out firm wide.

“Having more cohesive business processes is a win for all design firms. The net efficiencies drive overall revenue and profitability.”
Matt Freudenthal, Senior Systems Analyst