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Easily Access Project Information Across Different Applications

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Baylor Scott & Admin White Building
Dripping Springs ISD Relocation

Company Overview

Corgan is a leading architecture and design firm with a decades-long reputation for exceptional customer service. Corgan's strengths in research, user experience, and design empower them to foresee emerging changes and provide solutions that minimize risk, create flexibility, and maximize longevity. Corgan elevates the process, the space for the user, and the impact of the design on the client's business.


Corgan works on projects spanning a variety of different sectors with varying degrees of size. From extensive ground-up design projects to large-scope relocation, Corgan's project teams depend on a suite of software applications to get the job done. With data living in more places than ever, it can introduce typical challenges, such as increased administrative tasks, inability to maintain proper audit trails, sharing files, or working productively in the field.

Why Newforma Project Center

Comprehensive View of the Project Record

"Searching, indexing, and context is paramount to the audit process, especially as people come into projects at different times. Within Newforma Project Center, specifically the BIM 360 Connector, we receive a comprehensive view of the project record. Newforma's cross-platform indexing provides you with all the information you need at your fingertips."

Seamless Exchange of Information

"The Baylor Scott & Admin White Building project generated 10-15 models at 500 megabytes a piece. As you can imagine, that is not an easy feat— but the Newforma to Autodesk BIM 360 Connector made sharing this information seamless. While our Dripping Springs ISD Relocation was a smaller project scope, the project's scope was still very significant. With over 25,000 information exchanges, the Connector allowed for us to easily manage the exchanges, resulting in seamless project completion."

“From an IT perspective, we don’t want to reduce the number of software applications. We use over 250 applications from design authoring, integration and resource software, because we want to have the right tool for the right problem. It’s more to manage, but that talks to the necessity of solutions like Newforma and how their Connectors break down data siloes.”
Chad Speas, Digital Practice Manager