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BWBR Builds Collaborative Relationships with the Procore Connector

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Company Overview

BWBR is a team of professionals in architecture, interior design, planning, and research who are obsessed with the performance of people and organizations. For nearly a century, the firm has designed solutions to enhance how people live, work, heal, learn, pray, and play in engaging and empowering spaces. Leveraging the power of design, BWBR transforms lives through exceptional environments.


For each new project, BWBR preferred that the contractor team use Newforma’s Project Center for construction administration. Contractors who committed to using Project Center experienced an initial learning curve of using a new system and had to adapt to a new way of working.  However, BWBR’s construction administration team faced greater challenges with contractor teams who did not use Project Center. In those cases, BWBR had to take on the burden of maintaining project information in two separate systems.

For larger projects, BWBR deemed the extra work necessary to have a complete project record. For smaller projects, the effort did not always make sense. As a result, BWBR’s team would have to look in multiple locations to find construction administration records for projects.

Why Newforma Project Center

Building Collaborative Relationships

With Newforma’s Workflow Connector for Procore, starting new projects with the contractor team became seamless. Contractors were excited to be able to use Procore, their preferred software, for construction administration. BWBR was able to complete all their construction administration work within the Newforma Project Center. This ease of collaboration built trust and strengthened the team relationship between BWBR and the contractor. Once the word got out about some project teams using the Procore Connector, other teams requested its use on their projects.

Eliminating Duplicate Data Entry and File Uploads & Downloads

BWBR’s construction administration team saw immediate results. By eliminating the duplicate data entry and time spent uploading and downloading files between systems, they were able to focus more on higher level work.

Project Information All in One Place

By centralizing all project information through Newforma Project Center, BWBR not only saved time looking for information across all projects, they were better able to clearly track the status of each project.

Time Back to Focus on Design

The automated construction administration workflow between Project Center and Procore freed up the team from manual tasks so they could focus on the design work that they love. In short, they were “working smarter, not harder” – the most important benefit to come out of the integration.

“We now have the best of both worlds. BWBR can work in Newforma which has the functionality we need throughout a project’s lifespan, while the contractor can work in Procore which has the construction administration functions that work best for them. We can now all focus on the project work instead of the software we are using.”
Jennifer Ukura, Senior Project Architect