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Brasfield & Gorrie

Brasfield & Gorrie Saves Time with the Workflow Connector for ConstructEx

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Brasfield & Gorrie


Mayflower Bristol Landing, Winter Park, Florida

Company Overview

Brasfield & Gorrie is one of the nation's largest privately held construction firms, providing general contracting, design-build, and construction management services for a wide variety of markets, including healthcare, commercial, institutional, federal, municipal, industrial, infrastructure, and water/wastewater treatment.


For most projects, the Brasfield & Gorrie construction administration team is required to enter submittal and RFI information in two or more different systems.  The design team for the Mayflower Bristol Landing project uses Newforma’s Project Center software, which is ideal for architects and engineers, and Brasfield & Gorrie chose Newforma’s ConstructEx for submittals and RFIs and initially began uploading information in the design team’s Project Center Info Exchange site.  This involved duplicate data entry which Brasfield & Gorrie was already accustomed to.

Both Brasfield & Gorrie and the design team agreed to participate in Newforma’s Early Adopter program for the new Workflow Connector for ConstructEx, and the design team installed the Connector for their Project Center environment.  This allowed Brasfield & Gorrie to enter submittal and RFI information once in ConstructEx, and have it automatically transferred to the design team’s Project Center software.

Why Newforma ConstructEx

Time Savings from Streamlined Submittal and RFI Workflows

Jimbo estimates that his project team spent on average, over one hour per day with duplicate data entry. The construction administration team for Brasfield & Gorrie now only has to upload submittal and RFI information in ConstructEx. The design team had no additional work to receive and send submittals and RFIs – they could use their normal Project Center workflow. In addition to time savings, by automating the transfer of information between systems, errors that may occur from manual data entry are eliminated.

Easily Distribute Submittals and RFIs to Subcontractors

ConstructEx is a cloud-based construction administration system that enables Brasfield & Gorrie to add their subcontractor team to the project, streamlining the communication of submittals and RFIs.

Centralized Database for Maintaining Submittals and RFIs

The ConstructEx centralized database provides the Brasfield & Gorrie team with a structured method to store, organize, and track submittal and RFI information. The construction administration team can send and receive submittals and RFIs to the design team while maintaining full access to all project information, audit trails, and archived project data.

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For more information on the Workflow Connector for ConstructEx please visit ConstructEx Connector.

“From what Brasfield & Gorrie typically does for submittals and RFIs, the Workflow Connector for ConstructEx was a big time and headache saver.”
Jimbo Cross, Project Manager