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Newforma Expands its Connector Strategy with the Workflow Connector for ConstructEx

July 30, 2021
By Peg Landry

Newforma has just released a new Workflow Connector for its ConstructEx software. Project teams now have complete flexibility for construction administration by enabling them to select their preferred Newforma software solution.

Contractors and design teams can now automatically exchange submittals and requests for information (RFIs) between ConstructEx and Project Center. As a result, the design and contractor teams no longer have to download files and manually enter information into their own system. This not only improves productivity, it also reduces human errors.

Workflow Benefits for Contractors

With over 43,000 active users world-wide, cloud-based ConstructEx is a popular platform for submittals, RFIs, document management, and field management. It provides the contractor team with a structured method to store, organize, and track project information.

Contractors and subcontractors now have an easy and automated way send submittals and RFIs to design teams who are using Newforma’s Project Center. Human errors are reduced by eliminating the rekeying information in different systems are eliminated.

In addition, ConstructEx provides contractors with their own database, enabling the contractor team to maintain control over their own project information. The Workflow Connector for ConstructEx works behind the scenes to keep project information synchronized with Project Center.

Futhermore, the contractor team can take advantage of ConstructEx’s reporting capability to track submittals that are coming due, or are overdue. Contractors can use the ConstructEx submittal register to track what documentation has been submitted, and what has not, by specification section. They can even assign responsibility by specification section to subcontractors. The contractor team can ditch tedious logging with Excel spreadsheets and hardcopy filings.

Benefits for Design Teams

Newforma customers report that collaboration with the contractor team is greatly improved when each team can choose their construction administration solution. Project Center users can use the software they are already familiar with. As a result, design teams save time not having to learn another construction administration system. In addition, there are no extra steps required to log the submittal or RFI. If fact, the Workflow Connector cuts the manual administrative work in half. This certainly improves submittal and RFI review time.


  • Increase productivity by streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Improve review response times with automated workflows.
  • Reduce human errors associated with duplicate data entry, missed emails, and file upload / download issues.
  • ConstructEx and Project Center users do not have to learn a different construction administration system.
  • ConstructEx and Project Center users retain access to “synchronized” submittal and RFI data throughout the project.
Workflow WITHOUT the ConstructEx Connector

Automate the flow of submittal and RFIs between ConstructEx and Project Center, eliminating the manual administration steps of uploading and downloading files.

Workflow WITH the ConstructEx Connector

Improve Project Performance

Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the nation’s largest privately held construction firms, is using ConstructEx for a major senior living development. They partnered with the design team to implement the Workflow Connector for ConstructEx, which eliminated the need to enter duplicate submittal and RFI information in the design team’s Project Center Info Exchange system. Jimbo Cross, Project Manager, estimates that his project team spent on average, over one hour per day with duplicate data entry.

“From what Brasfield & Gorrie typically does for submittals and RFIs, the Workflow Connector for ConstructEx was a big time and headache saver.”

Jimbo Cross, Project Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

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