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Newforma Announces Project Center 12.5.3 Release

February 03, 2022
By Peg Landry

Newforma Project Center version 12.5.3 includes enhancements for security and performance. It also includes support for our new Autodesk BIM 360 Connector.

What you can do with the Autodesk BIM 360 Connector…

The Newforma Project Center Connector for Autodesk BIM 360 enables design teams to easily access, work, and share files stored in BIM 360, even with external users who do not need all of the complexity of BIM 360.

This newest edition to Newforma’s Connector solutions also enables users to relate BIM 360 files to any other project documents. BIM 360 files can now be related to submittals, RFIs, action items, and other contract documents. Unlocking siloed BIM 360 files and unifying them with all project information helps teams to make more informed decisions.

Users can also take advantage of Newforma’s powerful search to easily find information residing on BIM 360. In addition, Autodesk BIM 360 files are also included in the Project Center archive at the end of the project.

The new Connector also automates submittal and RFI workflows between BIM 360 and Project Center. This eliminates time spent on manual upload and download of files.

Passing the customer test.

Several Newforma customers participated in the Autodesk BIM 360 Connector Early Adopter program.

Schmidt Associates, a full-service architecture and engineering firm, used the BIM 360 Connector on two major projects. Using Newforma Project Center, and the latest Autodesk® BIM 360 and Procore® Connectors, they created a centralized source for project information to eliminate complex information management challenges and reduce time spent on administrative work.

“The comprehensive view of the project record is so important. Because there are different products focused on maximizing collaboration in different ways, it’s nice to have a ‘platform agnostic’ way to see all these components together, including files from BIM 360, SharePoint Online, and your different network folders. Using Newforma, our firm leadership and technical staff have the benefit of quick access to all information in a familiar environment.”

Greg Hempstead, AIA LEED AP®, CSI CDT, Project Delivery Systems Manager/Associate, Schmidt Associates

Leading architectural firm Gresham Smith, was challenged with navigating between two different systems. Gresham Smith uses Project Center as their primary platform to capture the complete project record. Their workflow required design teams to manipulate files in BIM 360, copy to Project Center, and then share through Newforma Info Exchange. As a result of not having a unified directory structure, there was a disconnect with the project data. The new BIM 360 Connector solved this problem. Gresham Smith reduced the amount of time spent manipulating files which improved workflow efficiencies and increased productivity.

“Having more cohesive business processes is a win for all design firms. The net efficiencies drive overall revenue and profitability.”

Matt Freudenthal, Senior Systems Analyst, Gresham Smith

Autodesk agrees…

“The pace of changes on construction projects and the need to communicate those changes across a wide range of stakeholders can make collaboration and information sharing difficult,” said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Integrating Newforma Project Center with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s collaboration solutions unifies critical project information for customers so they can stay up-to-date and collaborate effectively across workflows.”

Expanding the reach across platforms.

The addition of the Project Center Connector for Autodesk BIM 360, continues to expand project team access to information across a range of applications and storage platforms. Users can access and work with all project files through Project Center’s common interface. This new connector now integrates BIM 360 with all project files regardless of where they are stored. This includes files on internal servers, SharePoint, Panzura, and Nasuni.

“Our continuing mission is to create solutions that deliver unprecedented value to the design and construction industry,” said Slater Latour, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Newforma. “The latest release of Newforma Project Center furthers our goal of bringing people, data, and process together so our customers can provide better service to their clients and streamline project delivery.”

Slater Latour, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Newforma