Newforma Project Analyzer

Newforma Project Analyzer

Budget, schedule, plan, forecast and monitor for more predictable and profitable project delivery
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Newforma® Project Analyzer allows architecture and engineering project managers and executives to make more informed decisions about schedules, staffing and budgets. A single, comprehensive view of costs and forecasts provides information in time to act upon it, whether the information applies to an individual project or the firm as a whole.

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  • Raise profitability.
  • Standardize project management.
  • Informed decision-making.
  • Improve accuracy and extend horizon of forecasts.
  • Monitor and control project performance.
Newforma Project Analyzer has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that includes powerful planning, budgeting, scheduling and forecasting capabilities in a visual format. You will be able to see historical and planned data in a single view. It includes workplan approval processes, staff utilization forecasts and backlog with prospects forecast. Multi-currency project management is supported and there is an integration with Newforma Project Center.

Key features of Newforma Project Analyzer

Meet profitability and
performance goals

Meet profitability and performance goals

  • Combine planning, scheduling, and budget information with the accounting system’s cost and billing data for a complete view of project performance.
  • Evaluate real-time data in graphical displays.
  • See historical data and current plans in a single view.

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Forecast more

Forecast more accurately, farther into the future

  • Whether for individual projects or the entire firm, make decisions based on complete, up-to-date data.
  • Evaluate project and firm health in terms of staffing, cost, budget, and percentage of completion.
  • See metrics in relation to one another and in relation to overall project objectives.

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Improve resource

Improve resource utilization

  • Utilize staff efficiently in the present and adjust staffing for future demands.
  • Plan projects at the level of detail appropriate to project needs.
  • Allocate staff members across offices.
  • Forecast opportunities and project backlogs.

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Improve performance
monitoring and control

Improve performance monitoring and control

  • Manage to company-wide and project-specific target profit objectives.
  • Visually compare project budget and actuals to a baseline budget.

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Standardize planning
and reporting

Standardize planning and reporting

  • Standardize your planning process with a common system across the firm.
  • Tailor reports to the different needs of project managers and firm executives.
  • Strengthen communication among project managers, firm executives, and the accounting team.

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Technical Requirements

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