Newforma Building Information Management

Newforma Building Information Management

Streamline BIM workflows and improve decision-making
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Newforma® Building Information Management is an add-on module to Newforma® Project Center that integrates building information modeling with project information management. Coupling BIM and PIM reduces risk, improves the management of BIM workflows, and enables more-informed decisions to be made more quickly.

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  • Link building model elements to project information.
  • Extend access to the model.
  • Provide a shared visual context for joint decision-making.
  • Coordinate BIM design.
  • Conduct searches of model object properties.
Newforma Building Information Management features include the Newforma Project Information Link, which is an add-in to Revit; and the Newforma Model Viewer (powered by VEO® technology), which enables users to publish models to the cloud.
Newforma Building Information Management integrates with Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit Structure, Autodesk Revit MEP design, and AutoCAD software.

Key features of Newforma Building Information Management

Link building
model elements

Link building model elements

  • Link the model’s space and system elements with Newforma® Project Center-managed items such as markups, RFIs, submittals, and action items.
  • Streamline the management of space planning by synchronizing data between the model and Excel® spreadsheets.
  • Streamline the management of sheets generated from Revit by synchronizing data between the model and Excel.
  • Publish models to the cloud-hosted service for access by extended project team members, based on roles and permissions.
  • Maintain a version history of each published model.

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Extend access
to the model

Extend access to the model

  • All team members can use the Newforma Model Viewer to access cloud-hosted, published models.
  • All project team members can view and navigate the model without having to own or know BIM design software.
  • See the design/construction history of a model object by clicking links to PIM items, including action items, RFIs, and submittals, and their related email logs.

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Shared visual

Provide a shared visual context for joint decision-making

  • Evaluate Newforma-managed RFIs, submittals, action items and more in the context of their related model views.
  • Quickly communicate and resolve design and construction challenges, accelerating production schedules.

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