Benefits for you and your firmBenefits for your firm
[two_third]Newforma’s project information management (PIM) software increases productivity for architects, engineers, construction professionals, and owners. Additional benefits include:

  • Increase transparency
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Decrease risk
  • Improve project delivery
  • Re-use project information


Benefits for executives
Newforma’s project information management software supports a more efficient workplace and improves staff productivity. Additional benefits include:

  • Preserve an accurate audit trail of all issues, transmittals, submittal and RFIs
  • Prevent lost project knowledge resulting from employee turnover
  • Accelerate orientation and assimilation of new team members on any project
  • Provide increased visibility to senior management on all project issues
  • Reduce exposure to risk through project process control

Benefits for IT professionals
Newforma’s project information management software adds value to your current environment and leverages your existing IT infrastructure. Additional benefits include:

  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure
  • Take the pressure off your email server
  • Stop paying additional charges for storage on extranet servers
  • Remove redundant duplicate files across your network
  • Experience zero project work interruption

Benefits for project managers
Newforma’s project information management software reduces time spent just keeping up and gain more time for higher-value work. Additional benefits include:

  • File all project email in just two clicks
  • Full visibility to project emails and issues
  • Faster response time to clients
  • Find project information no matter where it has been filed
  • Mark up and email any drawing or document without a CAD or BIM specialist