Case Studies

Case Studies

Architecture firms

Cannon Designs & GSBS

Newforma-to-Newforma connectivity means everyone is working with up-to-date information…

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LMN Architects

Those involved in construction administration have embraced Newforma Project Center wholeheartedly…


Both firms appreciate the reduced risk of errors that comes from using an integrated PIM…

ZGF Architects

Using the Newforma software improves our efficiency and accuracy.

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Engineering firms

BergerABAM Engineers

… we’ve invested in Newforma Project Center software to shorten response times and reduce the risk of mistakes.

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[Newforma Project Center software] saves me a few hours a week trying to keep track of those outstanding issues.

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PCS Structural Solutions

We utilize Newforma Markup to review electronically submitted shop drawings and respond to requests for information.

Pruitt Eberly Stone

We primarily bought Newforma to handle email, but it has so much more to offer that buying it is a no-brainer.

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Construction firms

H/S & Lincoln Builders

Newforma to Newforma has worked extremely well, cutting the time it takes to receive, log, and respond.

Nibbi Brothers

The Newforma solution demonstrates to clients and architects how easy it is to collaborate with us …

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Skender Construction

The Newforma Submittal solution reduced our processing time to 1/10th of our previous solution.

The Parent Company

The architect and general contractor use Newforma software we’ve seen significant productivity gains…